Things i have worked on

Web Applications

Writing Prompts#1 Product of the day

A tool to generate amazing high quality writing prompts for the days you are facing writers block.

This was a project which was hacked together over the weekend and we got #1 product of the day on Product Hunt

Tweet Ideas#4 Product of the day

A tool to generate ideas to what to tweet on the days you dont have anything to tweet.

This was a project which was hacked together in a few hours, and we got #4 product of the day on Product Hunt


The simplest way to maintain a public changelog for your next project. Super minimal yet highly customisable


A no-code tool to generate the code of highly functional & customisable discord bots by just a click of few buttons.

Discord Bots

GenZ Mafia Bot

This bot was built by me to manage the genzmafia discord server. Its features include automatic role assigning, automatic welcome messages, automated delivery of newsletters thru discord dms, automated new member role, tracking the user activity and many more things

BitPerks Bot

This bot was built for the BitPerks discord server. It enables discord <> bitclout verification seemlessly and auto assigns roles to users based on the number of $bitperks coin they hold

The Boring Bot

This bot was the first bot I ever built, was a fun project, i keep on adding features in it, contains things like being able to fetch the meaning of a word directly from google on discord, or search arxiv papers and get the pdf right on discord and many more f̶u̶n̶ boring things

Ender Bot

I build one part of this bot for the Ender discord server. Its main functionality was to fetch competetions from a database and announce them on discord in their respective category channels all with one single command.

AI Projects

AI Lyrics Generator

A gpt-2 powered algorithm which generates the lyrics of a song when provided with a few words and the style of an aritst of your choice as a prompt.

This gpt-2 model was fine-tuned on hundreds of songs with thousands of lines of lyrics of different artists

Chrome Extensions

Customize Twitter

A chrome extension to easily change the accent color and the secondary color to any RGB value in the twitter web client

Customize LogDNA

Easily change the colors, font size, background, line height of the logs to make your logs slightly more readable and make your life easier!